NovaThin and NovaZorb airlaid cores are used in a wide range of consumer products.

Our Absorbent Cores

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NovaThin and NovaZorb absorbent cores:
A product developer’s dream

Our cores are mainstays in a wide variety of leading consumer products, including feminine hygiene, adult incontinence, baby diapers, and pet care products. They are also used in specialty medical and packaging applications where absorbency and hygiene are key attributes.

Each product has unique characteristics
that make them ideally suited for certain applications.

  • Developed for situations in which liquid insults must be quickly absorbed.
  • Hydrogen-bonded airlaid
  • Specialty fluff pulp, super absorbent polymers and tissue resulting in 100% absorbent materials
  • Basis weights from 75 to 800gsm
  • Range of density, fiber types and tissue
  • Range of SAP Types 0-60% by Weight
  • Long-running slit rolls or festooned packages
  • Embossing options: smooth, circle, corduroy, wavy, and custom
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  • Designed for products that require maximum absorbency at the lowest possible unit cost.
  • Fluff-less laminated absorbent material
  • Gram-per-gram highest absorbency
  • Basis weights from 40gsm to 800gsm
  • Range of SAP types, substrates, functional particulates
  • Long-running slit rolls or festooned packages
  • Ultra-ultra-thin, extremely flexible and drapable
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Ultrathin, yet ultra-soft

Our unique manufacturing process allows us to produce the thinnest absorbent airlaid cores on the market without sacrificing any softness. This translates into a product developer’s dream: greater cost savings and expanded design possibilities.

Better shipping logistics

With their ultrathin profiles, our cores package more efficiently than competing airlaid products, resulting in an average 50% more product in the same size shipping container. This translates into significant transportation cost savings, allowing us to service our international customers at competitive delivered costs.

Superior quality

Manufacturing expertise, state-of-the-art technology and a commitment to consistently delivering a top quality product set us apart from our competitors. EAM Corporation has been ISO 9001 certified and is currently actively focused on achieving Six Sigma standards.

We support your success

At EAM, we pride ourselves in offering more than just a great product at a great price. From start to finish, we back our products with superior customer support at every stage of the product development and purchase cycles.

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